Friday, May 6, 2011


We rented a car in Antalya and drove down the coast to Cirali, a tiny little town right on the Mediterranean coast. Our hotel is charming, the Arcadia Hotel -- we have a little bungalow in the middle of a lemon grove, at the base of craggy mountains -- but the internet connection is weak and sketchy, and very slow.

our little bungalow, in the middle of the lemon grove. the lemons are so huge, sometimes as big as a grapefruit.
see three bungalows, all lined up? The setting was really so beautiful -- lemon groves, orange trees, loquat trees, roses and other beautiful flowers, chickens everywhere, mountains behind, big blue skies, and clouds. My kind of place.
our hotel's version of Turkish breakfast -- very nice, with fresh yogurt and homemade jams, in addition to the traditional olives, cucumbers, tomatoes, breads, and eggs.

The drive from Antalya was breathtaking, once we got out of the city. The highway hugged the coast, with tall rocky mountains and pine forests to our right, and the glittery Mediterranean to our left. I always do the driving on our trips, since I'm more comfortable with a stick shift, so I don't have any photos but I'll always remember it, anyway. We rounded one bend and I got choked up and my eyes filled with tears; it's so hard to believe that I am here, just driving around Turkey, seeing these views.

Marc, walking in the edge of the surf. The beach is so rocky, but the rocks are all beautiful and rounded; some look like eggs.
the coast to the right; one of the mountains in the distance is near the ruins of Olympos
the beach, to the left
I wish there was another adjective for these mountains; "craggy mountains" is such a cliched way of saying it, but dang it, they're craggy.
What'cha reading? The Odyssey, of course. Sing in me, O muse.
Lots of chickens, baby chicks, and roosters running around.....and crowing all night long. If it's not the call to prayers interrupting a night of sleep, it's crowing roosters.
it kind of looks like this -- mountains behind, old buildings overgrown with ivy and morninglories and flowers.
More to say, but we're going to get in the car and drive down to Kale, to see some ruins and to see more of this beautiful countryside. It's not as hazy today -- just clear blue skies, thick white clouds, and birdsong all around.

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